About Woolard’s Custom Jewelers

Your Custom Jeweler for Over 40 Years

about-woolards-customer-jewelers-burlesonWoolard’s Custom Jewelers opened its door on January 15, 1973 in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The store was only 8 feet wide and 20 feet deep with one showcase, two jeweler’s benches, a sink, a two burner stove, and a polisher. In the beginning we were mainly a wholesale shop doing work for several of the high-end jewelry stores in Fort Worth.

In 1979, Woolard’s Custom Jewelers had grown enough that we needed more space to so the store moved to Burleson and became switched from a wholesale shop to a retail store.

about-woolards-customer-jewelers-burlesonQuality, honesty, friendly customer service has always been at the top of the list of what this store is about. We want everyone that walks in our door to become friends and customers for life.

Our shop stays up to date with technology with laser welding, signature engraving, CAD-cam design, and 3D printing and casting.

Our in-house jewelers make it possible for us to provide many “while you wait” services, but we never sacrifice quality for speed.

Supporting Our Community

At Woolard’s Custom Jewelers we believe in getting involved with our community. We regularly provide sponsorships and donations to: